Stucco Colors

Choosing Your Color For Your Home or Building

Choosing a stucco color and stucco finish for your home or building is what sets the mood of the finish product.

It’s what everyone see’s first about your home when they drive or walk by. What they are thinking is, Why that color or Wow who did that, it looks awesome (fantastic).

This is one of the most important aspects of your home or building. Besides your kitchen and bath. You never want to skimp on the outside of your home and get an unprofessional person to do the stucco work. We have fixed many unprofessional stucco jobs over the years because an owner wanted to save $500 or more because the concrete or landscaper said they could do it or they have someone that can do the job.

Take a look at some of the colors from these different manufactures of stucco colors.

  1. The stucco color chart of La Habra are here.
  2. The stucco color charts of Omega are hereNote:You can see the different textures or finishes on this chart.

Now when doing smooth hard trowel finish (Santa Barbara Finish) you can choose any of the above stucco manufacturers.

We get this question a lot. Can I do a custom color? The answer is Yes..

You can choose a custom color but it can’t be really dark. When they start going to dark on the stucco color it can start to show (checking or spider cracking) which is little cracks that show in bunches. You can choose the color you like from the different paint companies of your choice and we can check to see if they can do the color you like.

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